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What is Nutri-Pel?

Nutri-Pel is a biosolids based commercial fertilizer meeting the requirements and sold under the Canadian Fertilizers Act and Regulations. The product has been reviewed by the CFIA for safety, efficacy and label requirements and has a guaranteed minimum N-P-K analysis of 4.5-6.0-0.0

Why should I use Nutri-Pel?

Nutri-Pel contains important primary (NPK) and secondary (Calcium, Sulfur, Magnesium) macro nutrients as well as many micro nutrients essential for healthy plant growth. It also contains organic matter that helps improve the physical condition of the soil, so that it is better able to hold water and nutrients . Soils that have good organic matter content are easier to work and plant roots can find water and nutrients more easily. All of this works together to improve yield and growth characteristics.