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When are Nutrients Released?wheat field

Our data and experience shows that approximately 60% of the nitrogen releases the first year, 30-35% the second year and the remaining 5-10% the third year. All the phosphorus is available the first year, as are all the other nutrients in Nutri-Pel. These rates are dependent on soil temperature and moisture conditions and can fluctuate somewhat.


Is Nutri-Pel covered under the “NASM” regulations?

Biosolids Pellets or other fertilizer products utilizing biosolids that are regulated by Canadian Food Inspection Agency will not be affected by the NASM regulations.







The 11 Regulated Metals

*Four of the “Regulated Metals “ are also micro-nutrients:

Essential in early plant growth
Essential for grain and seed formation
Regulates phosphorous uptake

Plays a role in chlorophyll production
Enzyme catalyst
Disease suppression

Involved with nitrogen metabolism and N fixation in legumes (alfalfa, soybeans)
Plays a role in ensuring pollen viability and seed production

Component of a critical plant enzyme (Urease)


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