Produced locally for Southern Ontario’s agricultural community. The affordable, biosolids-based fertilizer that improves soil yield and provides plant roots the water and nutrients they need to thrive.

What is Nutri-Pel?

Nutri-Pel is a biosolids-based commercial fertilizer, containing primary and secondary macro-nutrients, as well as micro-nutrients and organic matter to help improve the physical condition of soils.

Why use Nutri-Pel?

Soils that have good organic matter content are easier to work, and let plant roots more easily find water and nutrients. All of these factors work together to improve yield and growth characteristics.

Who uses Nutri-Pel?

Whether you are a commercial grower, landscape services provider, or a home gardener looking to breathe new life into soils and plants, Nutri-Pel is the perfect fertilizer for the job.

Agronomic and environmental benefits to crop producers

Biosolids-based fertilizers offer a cheaper option to traditional fertilizer, while adding organic matter to the soil to improve fertility. By using biosolids-based fertilizers, not only is the farming sector replenishing soil health, it is also helping divert organic matter from landfills and reduce greenhouse gases.

Slow Release of Essential Nutrients for Health Plant Growth

Our data and experience shows that approximately 60% of the nitrogen releases the first year, 30-35% the second year and the remaining 5-10% the third year.

All the phosphorus is available the first year, as are all the other nutrients in Nutri-Pel. These rates are dependent on soil temperature and moisture conditions and can fluctuate somewhat.